Update request in workflow not sending customized message


I have a workflow that is set to trigger every day and filters to all rows that are "past due". The action is to then request an update from the assigned person, with a long customized message with several of the columns from that row:

However, rather than receiving the customized message with the pertinent information about the row, they receive the email below:

Obviously there are multiple rows past due, but the user now has no idea which ones because the they've only received the default "update my online sheet" message. The update requests are rendered completely useless except as a notification to the user that something is past due, and they have to go to the sheet and find and update the past due rows manually which we like to avoid.

Can someone help me with how to fix this so the user receives the update request with the message as written? I think the obvious solution is to add these pertinent fields to the Message Includes section, but I don't want the user to be able to edit these fields in the update request, and there's also other instructions in the message that we need the user to see.

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