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Andy S.
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My team is undergoing a change in responsibility and is growing by a few members. As a result, I've been working on building a new tracking system for our projects and such. I've outlined how I want our new folder structure to look, but it will be so much easier for me to create the folders in a new workspace and then just move the files from the old workspace into their respective folder (in the new workspace). I'm concerned that this could cause a permissions issue with any specific sheets that have been shared to individuals outside of just our immediate smartsheet license holders (such contractors and other project stakeholders). Is there anybody knowledgeable on this topic that could give me some advice?


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  • Paul Newcome
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    If someone is shared directly to an item (sheet, report, or dashboard), the location of that item does not affect their visibility into that item.

    If someone is shared to the original workspace but not the new workspace, they will not be able to see anything because they do not have access to the new workspace.

    Think of it as item vs location being two separate things. Shared to an item stays with an item. Shared to a location stays with the location.

  • Toufong Vang
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    @Andy S. This is our experience with Smartsheet permissions.

    If you give someone access to sheets, reports, or dashboards but no permissions to the workspaces, then those items show up under Sheets along with others. Users can create their own folders to help organize content to which they have access.

    If you share a workspace with others, then their permissions to sheets, reports, and dashboards in the collection are inherited from their workspace-level privileges. For this reason, our team members have "View" permission at the workspace level, and "Edit" permission is granted as needed at the sheet/report/dashboard level.

    When you move a sheet into a workspace, Smartsheet does not automatically give users access to the workspace. Nor do their sheet-level permissions cascade to other items in the collection. Workspace-level permission will need to be granted, and access to other items in the collection will still need to be individually configured.

    Hope is helpful.