Project Pricing Calculator


We are a small consulting firm; we use SmartSheet's Project Tracking and Rollup solution for all our projects. We would like to add a project pricing calculator to our tool set. Before trying to create this myself, I'm hoping someone else has a solution you're be willing to share. We already tried to do this in an Excel template -- the formulas quickly got corrupted due to user error.

Our pricing model is mainly driven by FTE cost x time and includes the following data points:

  • Three levels of consulting staff
  • Standard bill and cost rates for each staff level
  • Up to six project phases with multiple deliverables under each level
  • Overall Project expenses

Specific requirements include

  • Lock down formulas to prevent user error
  • Form based entry of Project Phases, Staff names, Deliverables, Hours per Deliverable, Expenses
  • Two levels of discount rates for each staff level
  • List of staff names and rates that can be managed separately
  • Ability to generate and save multiple pricing scenarios per project for comparison purposes

We are not quite ready for the additional complexity of Resource Management.

Suggestions welcomed!