Is there a way to make the form link clickable in google chat notifications from Smartsheet?

Right now, when I send a reminder to fill out a form with the link, it is not clickable (the smartsheet app is, and the email notification is), but, this is odd as for a while I only had my G-chat notifications on for receiving smartsheet updates/notifications, but had to turn on my emails again in order to receive the clickable links.

Additionally, it would be great to not have to include the raw link & be able to rename the Hyperlink to a friendlier name.


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    I've tried to do the same thing copying a URL into the message of an alert & it only seems to be clickable in email as far as I can tell. I've tried desktop, browser, phone app, & the integrated Smartsheet chat bot in Teams. The link is never clickable in any of them. Email is the only thing that works. We've just come to terms with it. Some people default to email now, others just highlight & copy/paste the link. Definitely something I'd love them to fix though!

    HOWEVER, there might be a workaround for you!

    If the link is in a cell in that row, you can include that field when sending the notification. This does mean they'll also get the sheet link, so if you want to keep them out of there this might not work for you. But assuming you have a column with the form links in every row & you're okay with sharing the sheet link, you should be able to include a clickable link by including that field! You can even unselect all fields except that one to make it obvious to click, AND you can format it so it's not just an ugly URL if you want! (It might not work in every platform--I just did a quick test & didn't work for the Teams bot, but it definitely works for browser & phone app notifications!!)

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!!

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  • @ro.fei Thanks! I'll give that a try!