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We have a master smartsheet with employee info that we would want to mirror so we can have some of the employee info on different sheets that we can use for different tasks.

Currently want to mirror employee number, name, work area from master to a new one. I tried to use data shuttle offload from the master, but it only generates an xls file that attaches to the new sheet.

I know I can do a cell reference but that won't account for additions/subtractions of rows from the new sheet.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    @Jason F You can use automations to to copy rows to new sheets based on conditions. (i.e when a row is added) This will work well to add new employees to your second master sheet. After that on the new sheet I would use an index/collect type formula to reference the additional data you want from the main master into the secondary master. Since the employee number would be your static data, this would be your reference data in your formula to collect the additional data points you need for that employee. This will keep the main and secondary sheets in sync when the data for an existing employee changes.

    Maintaining the subtractions from the master automatically would be a little more difficult. However if the employee number does not exist on the master sheet, the formulas on your secondary master will result in an error and this would be very easy to filter by the errored formulas and delete those rows.

  • Hi @Jason F - I would recommend using DataMesh for this instead of Data Shuttle as Data Shuttle is really designed for the import / export of CSV and Excel files while DataMesh is designed to do something similar but between two different sheets. It will handle the addition of new rows into your secondary sheet but it won't handle subtractions so I'd recommend setting up a column that checks to see if the row is still present in the original sheet and if it's not present removes the row with a "move row" automation to an archive sheet.

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