How can I make a graph from a report in the Portfolio level?

It appears that I can only make a graph of the whole report instead of only one column. Is this possible to do? If not, do I need to make a sheet of the data of every single column of the portfolio?

For example: I need a graph of the column "Responsible area" of the portfolio, to get the data of how many projects has each area of the company. How can I do it?


  • juliesilverio
    juliesilverio ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Dennis,

    You should be able to select only one column for your graph.

    When you are in edit mode on your dashboard, if you double click your graph, in the Chart Widget editor you can select which columns from your report are included in the "Columns Included" section, example below:

    The dropdown will list all columns included in your report and you can deselect everything but your "Responsible Area" column.

    Hope this helps!

    Julie Silverio, PMP

    Senior Manager, Program Leadership

    Xencor Inc.