Allocation Heatmap sum up for a month


I am new to resource management by smartsheet. I just moved from Excel. I am already using Smartsheet but RM is new for me.

In the schedule tab, I can view the allocation heatmap of the resources. This heatmap is shown on a task basis only.

Can the heatmap be shown on a monthly basis? For example, for a given month, I want to see how much a resource is loaded based on all his/her tasks.


  • Alan Z.
    Alan Z. ✭✭

    Hi Thameem,

    I'm unaware of a way to use the heat map to add the allocation to a single number for the month.

    If you wanted to sum up the resources for a given month, you could create a report on the analytics page, but this also has limitations. You can either generate a custom time frame for each month or generate the report for the full year and then export the underlying data to Excel, and generate your visualizations there.

    The former option requires some time upfront (though probably not more than a few hours), but then you get live updates each month without much additional effort. The latter option enables you to have one report, but if you want to pull out monthly data, you will always have to export and re-run the latest data.


  • Thank you for the comment. I have looked into it before but as you said, it does require time to work. I will look into it.