How to capture the value (end result) of a formula for use in other processes

I've got formulas that return a result of a specific number depending on different keywords in certain cells on the spreadsheet. That's fine - they all work great! My problem is that I'd like to use those numbers (the end result) in other spaces in order to calculate totals for certain programs, by month and by year. But when I create a report that pulls info from those columns with the formulas and use the "Summarize" option, those that included amounts that were the result of formulas are all zero.

Is there any way to capture the numbers that I'm getting as a result of the formulas to use in other reports? Or does the fact that those cells have formulas in them mean that I can't separate out the value that is there and use that info elsewhere?


  • I solved it by using the VALUE function, but the only issue I'm seeing now is that some of my formulas need to return either text or an amount, and I'm not sure how I get around that, so I may have to rethink what we're doing there.

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