New and improved Safe Sharing experience, now generally available!


Hi Community, 

For those of you who are SysAdmins who used Safe Sharing in the past, you may have found the old experience to be a bit basic and hard to manage or audit. That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Safe Sharing experience!

Now, Safe Sharing uses the scalable user interface of the inherent Smartsheet sheets experience to help SysAdmins easily manage, audit, bulk import, sort, and search through their trusted domains and email addresses. When the new experience is enabled by a licensed SysAdmin, two Safe Sharing sheets will be created in a new “Admin Settings” workspace for managing domains and email addresses. With the new Safe Sharing sheets experience, SysAdmins can add workflows, audit the activity log and cell history, bulk add/remove rows, sort/filter/search the sheet, use APIs, and more!

This experience is available to licensed SysAdmins on Enterprise plans in the Commercial US and Commercial EU instances of Smartsheet.

To enable Safe Sharing, go to the Smartsheet Admin Center, navigate to Governance Controls and then select Safe Sharing.

Please note: All users of the old Safe Sharing list will have 6 months to enable the new experience as mentioned above. After 6 months, we will migrate the domains and email addresses in your old Safe Sharing list to the new sheets UI. 

Learn more about the new Safe Sharing changes and how they may impact you.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Product screenshots:

Sample Safe Sharing sheet generated for domains:

Safe Sharing settings in Admin Center: