Calendar view not working on mobile

mdonaldson ✭✭
edited 01/26/24 in Smartsheet Basics

We had recently added a calendar view of a report to a portal/dashboard we released to our entire company. Reason for the report is we did not want to publish the sheet itself as a calendar to the portal being that when you right click on a date range displayed on the calendar and select "view detail" it would still show confidential information we did not want to share with the rest of the company. The report allowed us to pick the pieces of information from the original sheet that was deemed shareable, and displayed accordingly. 

A problem we are running into is on the Smartsheet app (on iOS and android) the calendar is not displaying, only an external url/link. When the url/link is clicked, it takes the user to an external browser and displays the report as a grid, despite the default for the report being the calendar view. (see attachment)

Is there any resolution for this? We would like to be able to view the calendar display on the app (or browser (ideally we wouldn't need to go to an external browser, the calendar would just display in the dashboard on the app....)). We have considered overlay onto google, but do not want to create a new calendar for the entire company to subscribe to. If we can publish the Smartsheet calendar to an existing google calendar that everyone in the company is already added to, that is another desirable option, but I have not found a resolution for this issue either.