Is there any way to export any files attached to a Smartsheet, like into a Zip file?

You can export the Smartsheet itself or copy rows including notes and attachments into a new Smartsheet but is there a way to export everything including attachments, so the output would be one file for text (excel) and another one for attachments (zip file)? Our attachments are key to each row and I can only export text.


  • This will probably help. You can backup and you will get a zip folder with subfolders for excel files of worksheets, image folder, and folder for attachments. Backups do exclude certain items which are listed in this link. Batch download of sheets — Smartsheet Community

  • Toni T
    Toni T ✭✭

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for, I am testing now - to add, I included the backup instructions.

    Download a backup

    Right-click the sheets folder or workspace name in the left pane, then select Request Backup or Schedule Recurring Backup. Select View Recent Backups. Select Download Backup. Backups are available for download for four weeks following the backup date.