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I have a workspace where we put all our completed sheets. I'm worried about storage space because each sheet can contain multiple PPT attachments. Is there a way to batch download all the sheets from one workspace? I would like to keep a backup copy on our shared drive and remove the actual sheets so I don't use up a bunch of storage space.

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  • Matt Johnson
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    Hi @Chelsea Duncan

    You should check out the Backup functionality in Smartsheet. If you right click on a workspace, choose "Request Backup", then pick some options and that's it. You get a link sent to you as often as you schedule it. If you click the link you get a zip file containing all the sheets and reports in excel format and a subfolder with all the attachments too.

    If you are backing up Workspaces that you aren't removing, you don't have to download the files from the link and then upload to your backup location. The link is good for at least until the next back up link is sent to you and you can also view recent backups from within the backup window in Smartsheet.

    Here's a link with more information:

    I hope that helps. -Matt

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  • Ayelet Weiner
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    If you're on a Business or Enterprise plan you can setup a recurring backup on a Workspace.

    Right click on the Workspace and select Schedule Recurring Backup...

    A new window will pop up. Make sure to select include attachments.

    Per this article, here's what's included in the Zip file that will be emailed to you.

    A backup consists of a .zip folder containing the following:

    • Excel (.xlsx) files of the data from each sheet you requested to have backed up. If your sheets contain comments, they appear on a separate comments tab in each Excel workbook.
    • A folder containing any images that you included inline in your sheet. (Learn more about inline images: Adding images to grid view.)
    • A folder containing any attachments uploaded directly to your sheets from a computer or mobile device. The backup does not include attachments from online sources such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Egnyte, or URL.

    Backups do not include reports, dashboards, formulas, workflows, cross-sheet references, formatting information, or custom configurations. Workspace backups include sheet data from the workspace, not the structure of the workspace. Backups keep your data secure, however, restoring your solution will require rebuilding each Smartsheet asset.

  • Thank you both so much!!!