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Multi-Select Projects to "Update Reporting" in Control Center

Whenever a change is made to a blueprint in control center we are already disadvantaged by only being able to apply this change to future projects created from the blueprint.

We can however, using Global Updates retroactively add certain rows to summary sheets that can be a proxy to apply changes to existing projects.

However, to make the links "live" from the summary sheet we need to "update reporting" via control center. This is where all the links are applied to the summary sheet as indicated by the blueprint (which can be done for existing projects).

I am working to update ~50 to include a new field in the sheet summary, a process that will take 2-3 minutes per project.

My request is to be capable of "update reporting" for multiple projects at once, currently only individual projects can be selected and have reporting updated.

Can we PLEASE get an option to multi-select projects to apply "update reporting" in control center.

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