Meet your new Community Champions! [January 2024]

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
edited 02/01/24 in General Announcements

As a Community Manager, one of my favorite things about my job is watching new programs, and its participants in them, grow. That's why I'm so thrilled to introduce our latest class of Smartsheet Community Champions to you - I couldn't have asked for a more dynamic and passionate group to join their program peers!

Please give a round of applause to:

Thank you Champions for helping us all drive meaningful change! Can't wait to see what we accomplish together in 2024.

We now have over 50 Community Champions, a rock solid braintrust of people ready to use their product expertise and generosity to help you and any other Community members when needed.

Want to know more about the Community Champions program and how you can be a part of it? Learn more here - we'll be reaching out to the next group starting around April 2024.