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I am trying to generate a report that mimics my raw 'grid' data, in a sense. In that, I would like for me to be able to click the (-) sign to collapse all of the child rows under a parent. However, with the way the report pulls the relevant columns, it seems to get rid of the parent/child relationships.

Any ideas of how I can retain that (+)/(-) for the parent row on the report?

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    Hello @Nida,

    Unfortunately the parent/child collapse function is not available in the report view. There are a few ways that you can still show the information and relationship, however. First, you will need to create a helper column using a column formula to identify the level (top parent rows might be 1, for example).

    From here, one option would be to create a second helper column that identifies the name of the parent. Once you have that, you can use the group functionality in a report to be able to expand and collapse.

    Another option would be to use conditional formatting to color parent rows. While this wouldn't give you the collapse functionality, it would help to identify and separate the information on the report at a glance.

    I would love to hear other community members' solutions for this kind of situation!

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