New reactivation policy for deactivated users

Hi Community, 

As you may already know, Smartsheet allows customers to deactivate users that have left their organization as a strong security and cost management measure, thereby enabling the reallocation of the deactivated users’ licenses. While user deactivation allows for a license to be allocated to another user, it does open up the possibility of the accidental reactivation of deactivated users which could expose confidential information in Smartsheet to unauthorized individuals. 

To combat this, we’re implementing a change for all our customers which prevents the reactivation of a user 7 days after their deactivation, whether it’s done via the Smartsheet Admin Center UI or through APIs. This 7-day grace period allows SysAdmins to correct any accidental deactivations, but beyond that point, the same user will not be able to be reactivated again.

Please note: In cases where a deactivated user needs a Smartsheet license well after the 7-day grace period, customers can use the Remove User option (previously called Delete User), choose whether or not to remove sharing permissions to assets, and then re-invite the same user.

This applies to all plans in the Commercial US and Commercial EU instances of Smartsheet. Learn more about the changes to the reactivation policy for deactivated users.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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