Collect most recent date from another sheet based on certain criteria


I have a fleet maintenance log that has invoices per vehicle with a column that is a drop-down with multiple values based on the service provided.

I am trying to make a sheet that would be a quick reference to see the most recent service per vehicle per category.

Being multiple services will but under a category I planned on doing a formula with CONTAINS and listing all services I want to be under that category. Before I tried listing all of the services I tried the formula =MAX(COLLECT({date}, {erac unit}, [Unit Number]@row, {service ROW}, CONTAINS("Brake Pad - Front", {service ROW}))) Just to pull the most recent date for the service Brake Pad - Front but it is returning with 0 for all cells and not the date. If I could figure out the formula I would have the following service categorized as Breaks

Do I need to add a helper column on the Maintenance Log that has the category? But if I did that I will still have some that would need to have multiple categories as on one invoice I could have Breaks and Oil changes.

I am open to anything! I really just need something easy for my team to glance at and see exactly when an oil change or breaks (just an example as i will probably add more categories once I finally figure it out) was done last!

Thank you in advance!!!

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