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We want to send a 5 question 'Pulse check' to new employees starting from 3 months after they start for 6 months.

I have created the smartsheet form with the questions. I have a seperate smartsheet with employee name and start date etc.

How can I send auto reminders? I looked at sending a workflow from the employee smartsheet but struggled to see how to make it specific to that employees start date and only look at employees that have been with the company between 3 months and 9 months.

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    First you will need to create a column to indicate the duration in months using formula such as =INT(MONTH([Start Date]@row)).

    Then you can create a workflow using templates such as "Request an update when specified criteria are met".

    Add a condition using the duration column adding the range e.g where duration is between 3 to 6.

    Finalize workflow by indicating how and who to send it to.

    I hope that helps