Question about SS Form populating 2 Sheets depending upon conditions.


I have created a form that will populate 1 of 2 sheets depending on the answer to the question on the form. It works exactly how it should. My issue is that when the form creates a new row on either sheet it is populating the majority of columns correctly. However there are 4 or 5 columns that are not populating, instead the form submission is creating new columns to the right of the last column on the sheet and populating those with the form data. How do I fix this issue?

Pre Form Submission

Post Form Submission - The new submission is the last row.


  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm guessing you have a "move rows" automation built into your source sheet that pushes it to sheet 2 upon meeting the criteria? That automation moves EVERY field to the new sheet, and if it doesn't find an exact match on the target sheet, it just adds them (which a fun fact I wish I didn't know, if the target sheet would have more than 400 columns, the automation breaks). So in this case, your "Current workflow:... " and "Future workflow:..." don't exact match the source sheet of "Current workflow?... " and "Future workflow?..." so it generates them as a new column.

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