Project Template auto Update from Intake Sheet using Control Center

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I have a situation where I want my project templates which are provisioned via Control Center to link to cells in the intake sheet each time a new project request is submitted and provisioned.

For example: whenever an intake request is submitted and a template provisioned, I want the newly provisioned template to retrieve row level data from the intake sheet.

Is this possible and how do I go about this?


  • Hi @Muledata

    This is definitely possible! You will want to utilize a Metadata sheet in the template set to connect the data from the intake to the intermediary Metadata sheet using Control Center's profile data mapping. Then, you will want to update your template set to pull data from the Metadata sheet, and will want to make sure that you update your Control Center blueprint prior to provisioning another project.

    With Control Center, you can also take data from the templates and roll it back out to the Intake sheet using the same process. This allows you to have real-time updates on things like % complete, start/end dates and overall project health that all occur in an automated fashion. It also allows you to roll information from all of your active templates into summary dashboards that include information from all of your templates/projects.

    Hope this helps! Happy to chat further if you have any other questions.

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