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Deleting User Accounts

Scott Zepplin
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We are struggling to come up with a usable process for removing access when a licensed user leaves the company.  Especially when they own several sheets and workspaces.  If I transfer the sheets using user management, they all need to go to an individual licensed user.  If they are not shared on a workspace, those sheets are transferred to their "Sheets" folder and they have no idea where they came from because they cannot see the workspaces.  Even If I download the User Access Sheet, it lists the sheets but not the workspaces.   


Does anyone have a process which they use to eliminate this confusion?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Scott - When user leave a company, SysAdmins will typically bulk transfer their sheets to another licensed user before removing the user from the account. When the sheets are transferred they are added to a folder called “Transferred from [email address of previous owner]”. This will identify any sheet that was transferred (except for sheets transferred that are located in a workspace the recipient is shared to). If the recipient is not shared to a workspace sheets are transferred from, they will be removed from the workspace and added to the “Transferred from …” folder (as you have seen, this does not specific which workspace the sheet came from). This is a security control that prevents the recipient from automatically being shared to or see information about a workspace they were not previously shared to. Some other members of the Community might be able to give suggestions for how they handle these situations. 


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