Program Management within PMO structure

I need to set up a Program (Multiple projects). What is the best way to do this within my portfolio? Set up each project in the program as a separate projects? add these projects as separate sections within one project plan?

Ultimate goal is the have a status for the program and have the program report as a status in the portfolio. Example

Portfolio contains the following:

Project A

Project B

Project C

Program X. This program has the following projects:

Project x-1

Project x-2

Project x-3


  • Ash A.
    Ash A. Employee

    There are a variety factors that can drive this decision. Here are a few that can help guide:

    • Are there comprehensive set of tasks for each project?
    • Do you intend to have different sets of people shared to each project plan?
    • Are you trying to create separate metrics for each project to roll into a dashboard?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then I would recommend create a project plan for each project. Hope this helps!