Data Shuttle suddenly not working

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on why a previously OK Data Shuttle is no longer working. We are getting the error message "failed to insert 1 row because the columns in the target sheet are restricted".

I've reviewed the impacted column settings and everything looks fine. I do have a destination field that's a drop-down that's restricted to a list. But what's being imported is in the dropdown menu.

Any other thoughts on why this might be happening?


  • Ryan Kramer
    Ryan Kramer ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/13/24

    Hey there!

    One possible reason for this issue could be that the Data Shuttle is trying to insert a value into a restricted column that is not allowed. Even though the value exists in the dropdown, it might not be allowed for insertion due to other restrictions set on that column.

    To troubleshoot further, check all the restrictions applied to the destination column. Make sure there are no additional constraints that prevent specific values from being inserted. You may need to review the column properties, including any formulas, data validation rules, or conditional formatting that could restrict the inserted values.

    If the issue persists, it might be helpful to reach out to Smartsheet support for further assistance. They can offer more specific guidance based on the details of your sheet and the specific restrictions you have in place.

    I hope this helps you get to the bottom of the issue! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Ryan Kramer

    Have you backed up your solution lately?

  • Beth F
    Beth F ✭✭

    @Ryan Kramer Thank you for taking the time to respond!