Im using Sales Pipeline Overview Dashboard, but want to have a pipeline sheet per rep


How would i link a new duplicated sheet to a dashboard, lets say i want to use the Sales Pipeline Tracking Template, but i want each of my reps to have their own Sheet-Sales Pipeline that reports up to the Dashboard. Is this allowed?


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    Hi @Sal Coppola,

    Linking multiple sheets (each for an individual sales rep) to a single dashboard in Smartsheet is not only allowed but is a common practice for managing and visualizing consolidated data across various projects or teams. Using the Sales Pipeline Tracking Template as a base, you can duplicate this template for each of your reps and then aggregate or display specific data from each rep's sheet on a central dashboard. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this:

    1. Duplicate the Sales Pipeline Tracking Template for Each Rep

    • Create Individual Sheets: First, duplicate the Sales Pipeline Tracking Template for each sales rep. You can do this by opening the template, clicking on "File" > "Save As" > "Duplicate Sheet", and naming each sheet according to the respective sales rep.

    2. Customize the Sheets as Needed

    • Personalize Sheets: Modify each duplicated sheet according to the needs of each rep, if necessary. This might include adjusting columns, formulas, or conditions specific to their roles or territories.

    3. Create or Configure Your Dashboard

    • Setup Dashboard: If you haven't already, create a new dashboard by going to the "Home" > "+ Create" > "Dashboard/Portal".

    4. Link the Sheets to the Dashboard

    • Add Widgets to Display Data: Within the dashboard, you can add various widgets to display data from each rep's Sales Pipeline sheet. You can use the "Metric" widget for key numbers, "Chart" widget for visual representations, or "Report" widget for summaries. When setting up each widget, you'll have the option to select the source sheet (i.e., each rep's Sales Pipeline sheet).

    5. Use Reports for Aggregated Views (Optional)

    • Aggregate Data via Reports: If you want to create a unified view of certain data points from all reps' sheets, you can use Smartsheet reports. Create a new report and select all the individual rep sheets as the data sources. Then, add this report to your dashboard to view aggregated data. For example, you could create a report that aggregates all deals in the pipeline across all reps.

    6. Maintain and Update

    • Periodic Updates: Ensure that each rep keeps their individual sheet updated with the latest information. The dashboard will automatically reflect these updates in real-time or upon refresh.

    7. Share the Dashboard

    • Dashboard Sharing: Finally, share the dashboard with stakeholders (e.g., sales managers, team members) who need to view the sales pipeline's overall performance. Ensure you set appropriate permissions to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

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