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Drag and Drop Attachments


As many others have also posted, it would be a huge time save to be able to drag and drop row attachments between rows (with availability for either a copy+paste or cut+paste function). Additionally, a cell that could be setup to capture the attachments names... similar to how you can with the "Latest Comment".

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  • Austin Urban JCI

    To add, I have one sheet with ~200 rows, and a second sheet with ~100 rows, corresponding with rows in the original sheet. I can't data mesh /shuttle attachments, so I have created a report pulling in all the respective rows and sorting by a common column ( so instead of A B C A B C, I'm seeing rows as A A B B C C). I then download all attachments from the base sheet to a folder. Then (within the report) I will click on row A from base sheet, look at the file names in the right-hand attachment pane, CTRL+click those files from my download folder, and drag over to the row A from sheet 2. Very tedious and time consuming.

  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    I can currently use this idea in the sheets I am developing. We need to attach "supporting" documents for our plan submittals (row item) but these are sometimes very common between many plans.

    I am not worried about overloading a sheet with attachments because on a yearly archival schedule, all the attachments will be removed as they are officially stored elsewhere or are already publicly available online.

  • Austin Urban JCI

    Another thought I've had as a potential solution to this issue would be to have a sheet file repository, with files not inherently associated with any row. Then the versioning / updating of the file is handled in one location. Rows (in the attachment pane) could then point to the file in the repository (so rows X, Y, and Z are all pointing to one file) AND this would save space digital storage-wise. If this were implemented, categories, or some means of dividing files in the repository would be needed. I already struggle sometimes on rows with ~15 attachments trying to quickly navigate to and find the needed file.