AND/OR Function for COUNTIF Referencing another sheet

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Hello, Smartsheets Gurus!

I am building a formula to reference another sheet {ISIR Pulls 2023-2024, Column EX Major (Range)} with two different EX Majors within the range I'm trying to total up. The two things I am looking to identify are EX Major "BSC" and "BSD".

If I just do:

=COUNTIF({ISIR Pulls 2023-2024 Range 1}, ="BSC") I get 8. (which is correct)

=COUNTIF({ISIR Pulls 2023-2024 Range 1}, ="BSD") I get 1. (which is correct)

However, when I try to factor in both "BSC" or "BSD" into my formula, I'm getting #UNPARSEABLE. I should be getting a total of 9.

I feel like I'm close, yet so is my formula. I'm not going to pretend I understand where the OR goes.

=COUNTIFS({ISIR Pulls 2023-2024 Range 1}, "BSC", OR COUNTIFS({ISIR Pulls 2023-2024 Range 1}, "BSD"))

What am I doing wrong?🤷

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