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Hello, one of my workflows includes an automation to generate a contract. It started as 1 type of contract and worked great. I have a check box to "generate contract" and when that is checked, the automation is triggered. Then we created different forms of the contract: we have 1 for veterans, 1 for people that pay in full (PIF) ...there's actually more, but let's just stick to these 3. Logically, I think that the conditions as I have them set up (shown in the image above) makes sense, but it's not working. If "Veteran" is checked, then use the Vet contract, if not, then if "PIF" is checked, use the PIF contract, and if not, then use the standard contract. Can anyone see what may be causing this to not work as intended?

I thought to maybe do a drop down menu of the types of contracts for the user to select, but on the automation side, I think it would still end up looking similar to this.

My last resort would be to delete this automation and rebuild it from scratch, but using the same logic - unless any of you brilliant people have a better idea :)


  • Jason P
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    Hi @vdemattei

    Assuming is a coin flip but you mention you have a "generate contract" check box but the trigger is when: "Send contract to HFH" is checked. could this be a column name or selection issue? Otherwise looks valid to me but I've not generated documents yet, may be something there?



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  • vdemattei
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    Hi @Jason P , thanks for you response. My issue is with the conditional logic in the trigger of the automation, not with the column name.

    I'm hoping someone with experience with multiple conditions for an automation can chime in.

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    Hi @vdemattei

    I hope you're well and safe!

    How are you triggering it more specifically?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe, and have a fantastic week!


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