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Alert all licensed users prior to a contract renewal or change


My company wanted to tone down our costs. We moved to an all free user plan except for me and 2 others. My company, internally failed me and frankly the help information also failed me.

I was not alerted in any way of what this plan change meant for my current uses of tool. On a random Tuesday afternoon - I lost all of the Dynamic Views I built for as many as 30 clients all at once - no warning. I also lost Data Shuttle which was automating a very significant database for me. Who envisions an annual plan ends 2/13?

If my IT even knew when the cut off was - they never told me. Did they know or was it randomly cut by SS. Some effort should be made to alert the heavy user in case a large company where IT person has no idea what you even do. How about an email from my support indiv? Whatever - it was a disaster and made me look uninformed and weak. I scrambled to build personalized REPORTS instead of the DV's and now manually update my table as we do not have Onedrive or ???

It hurt the trust of my users. Again - I blame my internal Co and SS for this oversight. Thanks, Lisa Gressel

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    A notification would be great. Smartsheets always has the "upgrade" click-bait for all users, why not a "you are about to leave" click-bait as well.

    @Buckeye Gal, that sounds so devaluing. Sorry that you were strung out to dry. Rant affirmed Lisa!

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Buckeye Gal

    Thank you for outlining your experience and identifying that you would like to see alerts for licensed users.

    To help clarify timings, plan renewals happen whenever a contract is up for renewal. Your company’s date sounds like it was on the February 13th - this date will be different for every company depending on when they signed up for Smartsheet. Contract changes would have been discussed and approved with a point of contact in your company.

    I completely understand how frustrating this must have been for you, so we do appreciate you raising this and providing your suggestion. I will update the title of this Idea to reflect the request that all licensed users have visibility into plan renewal dates and a notification before a major change.