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Be able to change finish date with automatic adjustment of duration or start dates


Once a project is scheduled using predecessors, Smartsheet automatically deleted the predecessors if someone manually changes a start (or finish?) date. Since we are trying to have team members be responsible for updating their tasks, it would be ideal if they could adjust their finish dates directly without the predecessor being deleted, or without having to change the start date or duration to achieve the finish date they need. It is too cumbersome to have team members, who are less knowledgeable about project scheduling, to have to play around with changing their start or duration dates to try to get to the desired finish date. Team members primarily think in terms of when they will have a particular task completed. I believe this could be achieved by adding constraint types, but even if this could be a built in functionality to just allow any of the start, duration, or finish dates be changed without removing the predecessor and to adjust the other entries as needed. It may require a pop up to ask whether the start or duration should be changed when the finish date is changed, but that would make it really easy for team members to update their tasks so we can keep accurate project schedule records and status.

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