Is there an automation that can be set up to run a Data Shuttle workflow when a row is added to grid

I am trying to see if there is an automation that would run when a row is added to a grid, it would trigger a particular Data Shuttle to run on. Basic over view is I have created a visitor check in. I have a Data Shuttle (Off Load) run every 15 mins were it takes the names of the visitors and puts it in a attach excel document on the grid. Then I have another data shuttle run (upload) every 15 minutes the puts those name in a updated drop down. That way when the visitor goes to check out there name is already in the dropdown menu. The issue is that they don't run in order off load then up load. That means the names won't update for a half an hour, and if there visitor does not stay longer than 15 minutes their name does not show up.


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