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Data Shuttle Workflow Triggered by a Workflow


With the various amounts of ideas in the community and potential implementations already in progress, who knows if this idea might become redundant at some point. But from what I've seen so far this doesn't seem to exist just yet.

I think being able to trigger a Workflow in Data Shuttle based on the execution of another Workflow(s) would be a great addition. It sounds simple enough but could potentially open up a multitude of new automation possibilities. It doesn't sound like it would be all that hard of a thing to implement either.

For context: I'm trying to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) within Smartsheet, and I've been unsuccessful in being able to automate a certain task. Our HR department provides my team with an Employee List on a weekly basis, and in order for our training Forms to have an up-to-date dropdown list, I'm utilizing a Workflow to run on attachment of said Employee List. The issue I'm running into is that I first need a Workflow to merge the new list with the existing data, and afterward update the dropdown list on our training form. Currently there only exists a "Run on Attachment" and "Run on Schedule." Which I will make due with for the time being, but this doesn't allow for us to have up-to-date employee lists without manual intervention or a delay in data.

I think having multiple triggers to a Workflow or at the very least, a cascade / order of Workflows would be a great addition to the Data Shuttle and maybe even an integration with sheet automation triggers.

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  • Ken Armstrong
    Ken Armstrong ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Having the ability to setup an automation that can trigger a shuttle to run would be super sweet.

    Ken Armstrong

    Smartsheet Operations Analyst, Carelon Medical Benefits Management

    Certified Smartsheet Administrator

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  • Greg Carn

    I agree this would be very powerful addition to the automation process, I currently have the exact scenario I would like to use this on if it was made available.