Anyone having issues with workflows not working?


Is anyone finding workflows suddenly not working? They have been working fine and all the requirements are being met but Smartsheet is not sending out emails it is supposed to be sending. I'm getting pretty frustrated when this was the main reason we moved to a Smartsheet. If I have to chase it down and email manually every time, it negates the whole reason for using Smartsheet. :(


  • Eric_
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    I had the same frustrations so let me share my few experiences:

    This could be due to Outlook rules, if you use Outlook as email software. I recently had that issue and found that it was due to a problem on our email server. There was an old and deleted but probably still active rule deleting some notifications. Had to cleanup by using Outlook.exe /cleanrules.

    Sometimes, it was just a matter of time, and it can be very long. It was not an email sending issue as these notifications did not even appear in the Notification panels. Sometimes, several minutes later, they appear in the Notifications panel and by email.

    Once, I realised it was due to the notification setting in personal settings and especially "Include my changes in sheet notifications" being unchecked.

    Some of the above can suddently happen when you change who is sending the notification (smartsheet, your organisation, sheet owner, triggering user...)

    Once, I had a notification triggered by a new row addition. Before that, other workflows had to occur. For some reason, some of these previous workflows were sometimes too slow and at the time of the notificaiton, it was not a row addition anymore but a row change. Changing to workflow triggered by row added or modified solved the problem.

    And then often it was due to the workflow meeting an unexpected situation, a nice way to say a badly designed workflow. So I was the problem!

    At the end, I can't think of a situation that could not be explained.

  • Laurie C

    Thanks for your feedback. I did check my personal changes there.

    We do use Outlook but not sure what would have changed between today and Monday. I haven't heard of anything being changed on the network but maybe I can do a little digging. Waiting to hear if another team that uses a different Smartsheet is also having issues with their notifications being sent.

    Thanks again.