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Allow editing for cells in a formula column

Hello, I have found that when a column is a formula column, you can no longer manually update those cells--ever. Is there a reason these cells need to be "locked down"? When you add a formula, just to the cells manually, and not the entire column, you can always update it whenever you need to. I know I can "turn off" the formula column and change what I need and then add it back to the column, but it does not work 100% the way I need it to, and I just think it would be more useful and efficient to not have it locked down; to allow editing in cells when you add the formula to a column. For me, it would be helpful to allow editing in those cells, because I am finding that for my current intake sheet, I am going backwards with having to manually edit the cells due to the formula lock, so I do not even have the formula in the columns/cells anymore. Side note: regardless if there is a formula column or a formula in a single cell, Dynamic View does not allow updates when any formula is in any cell. Not sure if that was a known issue/glitch, so I wanted to share that here.

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    As a work-around, you can create a helper column with a 'suggested' value, in your official column, you can either enter a value manually or write a 2-second equation that simply references the suggested value.

    Eg. =[Suggested Value]@row

    However, I currently have a need for this type of functionality. I want certain columns of new line entries to be automatically filled with a result of an equation and not the equation itself. Like a workflow that "Changes the value of a cell" when a "new line is added" but it doesn't just put in a fixed value (like it currently does) but uses the result of a formula that you enter.