Emailing the admin group through automation when a row is added.


Since Smartsheet changed the way you add users and domains (outside of your domain) and made it a sheet, I want to setup an automation on where when a new row is added either by form or manually it will send a notification to a group. The group I want is the admin list in Smartsheet. Is there a way to do this?

When I state the admin list, we currently have our security team, and others in the Smartsheet Admins, I want this to send an email to everyone that is an admin, but do not want to have to update anything else when admins are added or removed. (such as an email group and so on)


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  • John_Foster
    John_Foster ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @edapel,

    I do not believe that Smartsheet can do what you require. One way I have managed this is to create a distribution group within our exchange server and add a user in Smartsheet which is that distribution group.

    You could submit a change request for this so that when setting up an automation there is an option to send to a group as well as specific individuals using this link. This would be a fantastic piece of additional functionality.