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We are working on a portfolio solution where there will be 500 project plans each with 200-4000 rows. For external collaborators the intent is to create a DSR with project plans and have a Dynamic view that filters tasks for each task owner. Grouping the report (by Project name) would be good but not essential (i have read posts about groups not possible on more than 3500 rows in a report). Can you help with the following

1) are there any limit on rows in an ungrouped report?

2)are there any limit on rows in a grouped report? (what exactly happens when a group is collapsed?- can it be expanded?

3) for grouped or ungrouped reports with 200000 rows- is there any impact to the Dynamic view sitting on top of that report?

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  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    1) No limit on rows if you don't group or summarize in a report.

    2) No limit on rows in a grouped report, however the report won't display the underlying detailed rows, just the groups and sums. So depending on your need, it may be ok to group/sum if you're just looking for the group-level data. (note that charting is very easy using grouped reports - it uses the first level groupings and any sum data in the report at those group levels to derive the series for the chart... you don't have to constantly adjust your ranges for charts, it's just the whole report

    3) I don't know what the impact or limit is for Dynamic View, sorry. I have a Dynamic View with 46k rows based on a report, and it works fine, but you have a much larger scale. If I had to guess, I would guess there isn't a limit but it might be slow with 200k rows. Dynamic View loads all the rows, there aren't pages.

    Also - you didn't ask but I also have had no issue pivoting a 46k row report, although it does take a bit.




  • IB_Smartsheet1
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    Thank you Brian. Tried with 200k rows seems to be working . Hope it holds up if this is doubled