Gantt View on a Dashboard - issues with Gantt showing data accurately.


When using a Report to pull data from a Sheet, the report allows you to configure the Gannt in various was (day/week/quarter, etc). When displaying the Report on the DB, and wanting to view a part of the Data, and the Gantt at the same the ---> the Gantt isn't proper. Ou use-case is shipping goods measuring Pickup Date to Delivery Date and the runs are quick... Days, not weeks or months.

There might be a couple things in play, I'm unsure. A sheet can have it's Gantt configured in a certain way, then the associated Report can ALSO have it's Gantt configured in a certain way. And it allows them to be configured differently. Does this matter as it relates to my DB view and what I'm trying to accomplish?

Looking for advice on the proper Gantt configuration so it shows my visual bars accurately ligned up with the Dates.

Thank you in Advance,

David Cromer CFSP

Project Manager – National Accounts

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  • David Cromer

    my work email is incorrect above, if it matters. is correct.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @David Cromer

    I haven't experienced this before, where the Gantt bars do not match up with the dates on the row when the Report is embedded as a Report Widget.

    Can you double check the following:

    • Check that the correct Date columns are being used in the Dependency Settings of the Report
    • Check your zoom levels in the Dashboard (see: Best practices for browser zoom)
    • Try deleting and re-adding the Report

    If none of this has helped, and the dates are still incorrect, please contact Smartsheet Support with a screen recording of your source Report set up correctly and then how it appears when you add it to the Dashboard.

    Thank you!