Based upon the answer to a question on a form, can I direct to another form?


If I have a form and the 1st question has 3 options, can I use the logic to direct to 3 other forms so that the questions are relevant to the answer selected? For example, question 1 has 3 answers, A, B, C. If they pick A, they are directed to smartsheet form A, if they answer B, they are directed to smartsheet form B and if they answer C, they are directed to smartsheet form C.



  • Martha Hemingway
    Martha Hemingway ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have found a way - but not sure it's the best.

    Here's the steps that I took:

    Form #1, Question #1 - I set up the below logic:

    Then I created form redirect option 1 (for this purpose will be the form if the person chooses Option A. I then grabbed copied the Link to my clipboard.

    Lastly, I then clicked in Column 3 (tied to Option A from my logic) and typed in the Help Text: Please complete this form. I highlighted that text and clicked the hyperlink tool. Then I pasted in my link that I copied for Form Redirect option 1 and it turned my "Please complete this form" into the hyperlink that will take the user to that 2nd form to carry on. It seemed particular about the order. First type in what you want the link to say to the reader. Highlight it, click the link, then Paste the URL in the "Enter link" box and click save.

    Having column 3 as a checkbox (default checked) was the simplist way I could figure out how to bring up a field (column) that wouldnt require any additional interaction from the user and I could then use that checked box to run any metrics on my original form to see how many people that submitted, chose option 1.


    Hope this helps!!!