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Formulas that work across sheets

adam.ward19561 ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

With no pivot table functionality & Reports having no aggregating functionality, and Sights having on wigdet capable of aggregating data we struggle to summarise or aggregate our data up.

We could create a summary sheets that count/sum our data in other sheets IF Smartsheet allowed formulas  across sheets (which it currently doesn't).

If you would like the Smartsheet Dev. team to work on allowing us to use cross sheet formulas then please show you support by liking this post.  the more likes this post gets the more likely the dev team are to solution it.




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Adam et all—

    The best way to show our Product team the high demand for a feature is by submitting a Product Enhancement Request using the form on the right of the community site.

    Feedback through the form goes directly to the Product team, whereas they may not see every community post, be able to quantify demand, or reach out to people with more info on a feature request, based on likes to a thread.

    I'd also like to mention that cross-sheet formulas is a feature that our Product team is interested in and actively working on. We're tracking toward Q4 2017 for a release on this feature.

    You can sign up to be nominated for our early adopter program, and if elected to participate, you can have early access to test this feature and offer feedback. You can sign up to be nominated using this form.

  • Robert Casper

    What strikes me about the Product Enhancement Request, however, is that the customer community (us) won't see it.  There is no visibility on the development pipeline as it is.  If everyone put suggestions on the request form, then visibility even on suggested ideas would go to zero.  There is a benefit to instead posting items here.

  • Dan Prascher

    You know, Robert, transparency on the development pipeline would be awesome and probably generate some added buzz for Smartsheet.  It seems like a person could provide that transparency with, say, a published Smartsheet?

    Seriously though, maybe don't show the preliminary ideas, but once it hits a certain development point, put that dev idea on a Smartsheet that we can all see with maybe a little detail. That would be really awesome!

  • Hi Adam,

    Although this information is not visible on Smartsheet's website, there are a few premium apps available, one of which is a Pivot App. You can reach out to sales to get pricing and a demo. 

    This would be integration link one would use in the future: https://pivot.smartsheetapps.com/

  • adam.ward19561

    Thank you Michelle, I will look into that.


  • adam.ward19561

    No problem I can do that (or both), only downside is like Robert said, me posting an enhancement means no one else gets to see it or vote on it.

    What would be really good is if we could categorise our posts, one category being enhancement suggestion.  Then we could post enhancement suggestions publicly, community members could see them and like/vote for them, and your product team still have a way of filtering enhancements from general help questions, and you get to see how popular the suggestion is.  Just a thought...




    Ps and it would cut down on the amount of duplicate requests you team get because people would vote for an existing idea rather than create a new enhancement request for exactly the same thing.

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