Workspace permissions based on Admin level?


As an Admin level permission in a Workspace, can I create new Sheets, Forms, Reports, and Dashboard in the Workspace?

I'm testing it out and it seems like the Owner of the Workspace is the only one able to create new Sheets, but I was wondering if I was missing something since I thought that the Admin level would also let you create new Sheets in the Workspace.


  • mtp105
    mtp105 ✭✭
    edited 03/04/24

    The Admin level can create new sheets, folders, reports, dashboards. However, if you were just given Admin access but you do not have a subscription, then that may be why you're limited. I believe there's a way you can be made an Admin even if you don't have a subscription yet, but then your abilities will be limited. You might be able to make changes to an already existing sheet that an Editor would not be able to make, but then can't create something new.