Returning A Symbol Value From Another Sheet

Hi all!

I am trying to return a symbol value from a cross sheet reference, and I am having a little bit of difficulty at the moment. I have 2 sheets, we'll call the first sheet (that I am trying to reference) "Trends", and the second sheet "This Week". In "Trends", every row represents a week, and ta the end of every row there is a symbol, comparing the results of the current week to the previous. In the "This Week" Sheet, I would like to reference that symbol. I have a custom formula the provides a "week of" date (custom because it counts from Fridays-Thursdays instead of Mon-Sun or Sun-Sat), and I am trying to grab the symbol where the dates are equal. When I do this however, I get an "INVALID OPERATION" error. I'll link the formula along with explanations and necessary screenshots below:

=IF({Trends: Date} = [This Week]@row, {Trend: Symbol})

What I am doing with this formula is comparing the date in the "Trends" sheet, to the current week ok ("This Week") in the "This Week" sheet, and trying to return the value at the corresponding "Symbol" column.

Any all all help would b greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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