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Conditional Formatting Condition Pop-Up: Expandable Window or Mouseover Reveal for Long Column Names

Kyle Chipman
Kyle Chipman Overachievers

Currently, the "Set Condition" pop-up window in Conditional Formatting does not distinguish longer field names that share prepend naming conventions (the first 30-ish characters being shared / identical). Two methods that are available elsewhere in the platform, expanding the size of the pop-up window or hovering mouseover to reveal the full name, does not work in the Conditional Formatting Set Condition pop-up.

This specific need / insight arose on a high-level sheet that uses extended column naming conventions to group arrays of columns. Because the column names only show around 30 characters before transitioning to ellipses, with neither re-sizing nor mouseover reveal available, I have no idea which field to select. To solve for this, I will temporarily rename the columns whose conditions I need to set, then revert the names back once the conditional formatting is built.

Please see the screenshot below for reference:


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