Workflow Automations being sent out on a different levels of data within Intake Sheet


Hi all,

I'm trying to solve an obstacle I came across when building Notifications in the Intake Sheet. Let me shortly describe what I'm trying to achieve:

Above is an example of the Intake Sheet that will act as a scenario for my question. I have a Primary column, which is a combination of different values from two columns (Primary Column Value and another column which is not referenced in above screenshot). This combination is unique. I want to be able to create two notification:

  • Notification per Primary Column for when the Status has not moved to In Progress Status. This I can build with no issue
  • Second Notification I want to send per Primary Column Value, when the Due Date has been reached. However with this case, I want to send it only once per Primary Column Value instead of it being send out per each record. As you can see the value in Primary Column Value is not unique, and I'd like to avoid sending multiple notifications for the same Due Date

Anyone has any recommendations how I can achieve that?