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I am trying to implement an update process for our Staff Forecast Tracking Data Input sheet. For each project (grey rows), I would like to assign someone to update all the project staff's LOEs on a monthly basis. For example, an update request would go out to a specific staff member to update the 4/24 column of LOEs for their project staff. I tried creating an updater column and creating an automated workflow but when I do this I do not get the messaging I want to include since it pushes multiple update out at once (see below). The only information the updater needs is the staff members name and an opportunity to update the monthly LOEs. Any support would be helpful!


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    My recommendation would be to create report with filter> Updater > is one of >Current user. Then you`ll send the notification to the updaters with link to the report. These then will see only lines they are responsible for and can update directly in the report.



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