Understanding Smartsheet User Profile Discrepancies: Name vs. Email Address in Workspaces and Sheets

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Hi all!

I've got an issue with Name and Email Address of a Smartsheet User not "linking" (for want of a better word). Please bear with me as I try to explain the problem! :)

A Smartsheet user needs to be shared to a workspace. When I searched their name in order to share it with them, it shows me their name as they've entered it on their profile and the email address associated with the profile. Great so far:

Once I've shared the workspace, it's showing that user's email address only, whereas for some reason some of the other users I can see their name instead (in green):

Again, fine so far. So even though I don't know why this is happening, it doesn't affect access or anything.

The problem arises when I need to make reference to a contact within a sheet.

In Sheet2 I am using a COUNTIF formula that looks for a person's name in Sheet1 to see if it matches the one on Sheet2 and then counts that row. 

This works when both Sheets have that user showing as "name" OR as "email address". The issue appears when one sheet has the user showing as "name" and the other sheet has the user showing as "email address". Smartsheet seems to think these are two different values and so isn't counting the rows at all as it thinks it hasn't found a match.



The person is shared to the workspace that contains both these sheets (as shown above), so I do not know why Sheet1 only shows their email address whereas Sheet2 shows their profile name (which is attached to their email address).

This is causing a problem because my formula is looking for the name as per Sheet2 in Sheet1, but Sheet1 only shows the email address, and therefore the formula is not returning a count because it cannot find that exact name (as it is in Sheet2) in Sheet1.

Any assistance most welcome!


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