Directing blueprint to associate two cells for a date

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I'm having some difficulty in associating a date cell created by a blueprint program with the project it creates. Is there a way to change this that I'm unaware of?

Setup Summary:

I have a blueprint that pulls from an intake sheet to create a new project workspace. The intake sheet contains a Start Date and a Go Live date. The blueprint templates include a Metadata/Metrics sheet where I have house all of the metrics/data used to populate reports, dashboards, and some cells on the timeline of the resultant workspace. I'm seeing that the blueprint is taking the Start Date and Go Live date from the intake sheet and placing them in the metrics sheet in the *Value column; the column immediately to the right of the Primary, as expected.

The same dates (at the intersection of the Item and *Value column in the metrics sheet) are also added to the timeline at the default intersection of Task Name and Status.

In the Timeline image there is a Start Date and End Date Column. The intersections highlighted yellow feed back the Metadata/Metrics Sheet at the yellow highlighted intersections (Item and *Date Column) in the Metadata/Metrics sheet image above.

The Problem:

The dates in the Metadata/Metrics sheet at the intersection of Item and *Value also feed to the Portfolio Summary Sheet. I want the dates in the Portfolio Summary sheet to be connected to/update with the manually input dates found in the yellow highlighted cells of the timeline so that my Portfolio Summary sheet is always displaying the correct dates. Is there a way to do this?


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    I think I understand. Basically, Dates flow into Metadata value field from the intake sheet and also into your project timeline sheet. Then, dates flow up from your timeline sheet into metadata in the date column.

    While preserving what you already have going on, you could create additional row in your metadata sheet and configure the blueprint for it to roll up to your portfolio sheet. Essentially, you would then need to create formulas on those metadata rows that say IF timeline sheet date from metadata is blank, default to intake sheet value, otherwise input timeline sheet date.

    Then, in your portfolio sheet, you will always be able to ensure the manual input is prioritized while ensuring projects that do not yet have a manual entry display intake sheet's anticipated dates.

    Hope this helps!:)