Is there any way to hide a cell value within a grouping?


The two cells I have marked above in red are % calculations of the rows within their groupings. Is there any way to modify just those two cells to leave them blank? I use that column to calculate %complete of a project but I don't need to show the total % in the headers of the group. I also want to leave my groups as outdented.


  • Humashankar
    Humashankar ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @TroyDunn

    Would you like to give a try with the below:

    Apply conditional formatting:

    Select the cell containing the % Complete calculation.

    Go to Format > Conditional formatting.

    Set up a rule to hide the text or make it the same color as the background when the value is empty

    (e.g., Cell value is " " then Text color: White).

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!

    Thank you very much and have a great one!

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  • TroyDunn
    TroyDunn ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Huma,

    That is a great idea but the problem I am running into is that I only want to apply the conditional formatting to certain cells in my %complete column. I can create a conditional formatting rule that would hide the cells that I want to hide but as a result, it could hide other cells in the column that I don't want to hide.