Automation Failing


I have a move rows automation that will not run, even if I push it at the single line level.

I have a sort of multi level baby database I work with it's built of 5 total sheets with the fifth sheet being a rotating retirement sheet.

sheet 1 is where new data is pasted in, once new data is added it's moved to sheet 2

sheet 2 keeps track of the newest records and compares today's data with yesterday's. when a row that isn't kept in the main records (sheet 3) is added to row 2 it's then moved to sheet 3. any data older than 2 days old is moved to sheet 4 which is a sheet we manually dump on a daily basis.

sheet 3 is the main records that we build reports out of, and record our work into . we upload excel work we do and certain other records. when our work is complete that data is automated to move to sheet 5, an older records sheet

sheet 5 is our long term records and I go in and create a new older records sheet every 3 months.

however, sheet 3 is not automating the move to sheet 5.