Can you assign a group of people (instead of multiple contacts)?


Would it be feasible to assign a task to a group of people? I am not asking to assign a task to multiple people, but just to a group.

To have more background: in our company we have around 15 scripters (they program our questionnaires on an online platform). So if project managers want to assign a task to the group, they don't want to fill out the full group of 15 scripters. It would be helpful if they can just enter the group in there. After that, the group can decide which individual scripter can work on it. Hence, they will re-assign the task to 1 individual.

The only solution I see is to create a grouped email (with the 15 scripters included) and then create a SS account based on this grouped email. However, this means that each of those 15 scripters has 2 accounts (1 of their own and 1 from the grouped mail). How does SSO works then?