I am a few months into Smarsheet and can't figure this out. I need to develop a proofing approval process that goes like this. A designer starts a proofing approval by uploading a PDF and invites a copyeditor and QC person to review. They will either have changes or approve. Once they both select the approval button the designer now needs to send it to a production manager and if she approves, she needs to send it on to and art director and writer to approve. How do you add people to approve after starting the process? We don't want to list everyone at first, but add them as we go on.

Any suggestions?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @jessie rathgaber

    I would personally use the Proof Info Columns to help with this process, along with a manual column that your Designer adjusts, indicating what stage it's at.

    • Manual stage column: "Stage 1 - First Review", Designer invites the Copyeditor and QC to review the Proof
    • Once the Proof Status column (a Proof Info Column) has changed to "Approved" the first time (meaning both reviewers have approved), you can use an Alert workflow to email your Designer to tell them it's time to invite the Production Manager.
    • Designer comes into the sheet, changes the Stage to "Stage 2 - Second Review", manually invites the Production Manager
    • Once the Production Manager has approved the proof, this will again change the status in the "Proof Status" column to Complete. You can use the same Alert workflow to notify the Designer of this, using a Condition Path to check the "Stage" and let them know what the next step is
    • Designer comes into the sheet, changes the stage to "Stage 3 - Final Review", and invites the last two approvers. Once again, you can use the same Alert workflow, using the "Stage" as the condition, to send a third email to the Designer (and anyone else?) noting that the final approval has been completed

    Is this what you were looking to do?