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Hi There

I have a sheet which is populated by a form (Booking Form) where the user selects a date, and enters her/his details and the number of people, As these people select dates randomly, the Smartsheet list is not in chronological order.

I have successfully created another sheet (Summary Sheet) where I use the date and a sumif formula to calculate the total number of people per day. Now I would like to create a column that would look at the Summary Sheet Date and collect information off the Booking Form to show the names of all the people.

I have tried the =Join(collect function, but I am not getting the expected results.

The below gives me an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT error

=JOIN(COLLECT({Booking Form Range 1}, Date@row, {Booking Form Range 2}))

For the {Booking Form Range 1} - I selected only the column that I wanted to return on the other sheet, and the {Booking Form Range 2} was the date column in the other sheet.

I also tried selecting all the columns for the {Booking Form Range 1}, and only the column I wanted to return for the {Booking Form Range 2} , but I also got the same error.

What am I missing (probably a whole lot :) )

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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